Living in Minnesota, it is impossible to avoid cold weather and the issues that arise with your garage door. Faulty garage doors can cause seriously damage and injury to your business or home. To keep it running smoothly and safely all year round, maintenance is mandatory, especially during the winter time.

Door Freezing Shut

More often that not, cold weather is accompanied by rain or snow. This can result in an excess of water laying where your garage door meets the floor. During freezing temperatures this can cause your garage door to freeze shut. The only way to release your door will to be melt the ice, so make sure you keep an eye out for any water that begins to pool at the bottom of your garage.

Water Damage

Winter can bring lots of rain, snow, and increased moisture overall. If the material of your garage door is wood, this excess moisture can cause it to swell. This can cause the door to rub against the frame and even get stuck, preventing any movement. It is important to prevent any run-off of water from blocked rain gutters. This run-off water can splash onto your wooden garage door and contribute to the swelling.

Opener Issues

In the event of cold weather, garage door openers are, in particular, more susceptible to weather changes. The moving parts that are enclosed within garage door openers are best operated when they are lubricated. However, cold weather can thicken this lubricant coating. Depending on your opener’s sensitivity level, it can interpret this thickened lubricant as an obstruction, causing your garage door to never fully close.

Metal Mishaps

Garage doors are comprised of many metal parts, such as screws and springs. These metal parts contract when the temperature drops. This can cause the garage door to function improperly or make odd noises while it operates.

Just Plain Cold

Most garages lack the much need insulation to keep them warm during the winter time. A cold garage can cause much damage to not only your car, but anything else you are storing inside. It is important to look into proper insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your garage.

Winter is a severe season. Low, freezing temperatures and increasing precipitation can cause damage to many areas of your home or business, especially garage doors. Our team here at The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company are more than happy to help with any issues that may arise.