Garage door cables are one of the most important parts to ensure your door is functioning properly and safely. The garage door is an intricate machine comprised of many working parts. Cables are made of metal, however, just because they are strong does not mean they are indestructible. A faulty or broken cable can cause garage doors to malfunction and stop working completely.

There are a few factors that can go wrong with cables. It is known for cables to get wound incorrectly around the drum, which results in the door becoming jammed. It is also a possible problem for cables to become unwound from the drum, therefore needing a re-connection. Pulleys work alongside cables and they also can get worn out over time and when this happens, cables will not be able to slide through as smoothly. This can be apparent through the garage door becoming stuck or unbalanced.

Aside from repairs, cable replacements are needed over time as well. A cable can break simply due to age. They experience wear and tear much like any other part of a garage door. Cables will weaken and eventually snap and break. Rust is also another factor that can be the cause of a broken garage door cable.

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