Broken springs on garage doors can be extremely problematic. With garage doors weighing anywhere from 300 to 1,000 pounds, it is the most complex and heaviest moving object within homes and businesses. Most of the work for opening and closing garage doors are performed by springs. Due to this performance, springs have limited lifespans.

The springs on garage doors are vital for proper functioning. If performing correctly, springs make it lighter for you to lift a garage door on your own and it creates less stress on the opener’s motor. Once garage door springs reaches their life expectancy, they are susceptible to breaking within a second. A spring often fails while the garage door is in it’s closing position due to having to withstand the most tension. However, a spring can still break while the garage door is opening or even during operation. It’s important to take note to never walk under a garage door while it is moving because of this.

Common signs of damaged or broken springs:

– Garage door refuses to open

– When lifting the door yourself, it feels more heavy than usual

– During operation, the door stops unexpectedly

– The door appears off balance or crooked

– There is a clear separation in the door spring

Due to safety, you should never replace springs yourself. Spring replacement is a dangerous and extremely complex task since they are under such an immense amount of tension. Without proper knowledge and expertise, property can easily be damaged and personal injury is very likely to happen.

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