The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company is dedicated to providing exceptional services and complete satisfaction to our customers of the twin cities and local surrounding areas.

As a Minnesota based company, The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company is familiar with the entire north metro area of the twin cities. From St. Paul to Ham Lake to Maple Grove, we are ready to resolve and repair any issues with your garage door. From our FREE onsite estimates to a quick delivery of service, there is a reason thousands of satisfied customers have chosen us over the competitors for the past 5 years.

We only use the best garage door products for all of our repairs. Our number one goal is to ensure that you, your family, and your business have a worry-free garage door ownership experience. With our expertly trained repair and installation technicians, nothing has ever interrupted or stopped us from providing you the best service. We take great pride in our reputation for quality and service that we have built up over many years, always striving to put our customers first.

The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company is an experienced professional company you can count on. Our courteous and professional technicians will install any garage door, residential or commercial, and repair all of your broken cables, springs, openers, and doors.

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Why The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company Is The Best

If you have ever paid attention to how your garage door opens, then you must have noticed that there is actually a lot happening to operate this convenience. From the garage door opener to the springs to the tracks, each of the parts of garage doors much work together seamlessly to order for proper functioning.

A faulty garage is frustrating: that’s where The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company comes in

There are many who experience being stuck in their driveway or in their garage due to some sort of issue and they can relate to how frustrating that situation can be. Luckily, our expert team of trained technicians are always ready to help resolve your garage door problems in the most fast and effective ways.

DIY-fixes can often lead to more issues

What you may think is a simple fix isn’t always the case. The most simple garage door repairs often require trained specialists. For example, if you as a homeowner attempted to fix a misaligned track of your garage door and accidentally shifted just slightly a fraction of an inch, the garage door could easily damage another part of the garage. Even worse, it can fall onto a vehicle. Now you’re still left with a misaligned track and also, another problem.

Many people who experience issues with their garage doors wish to know what exactly had gone wrong in order to avoid the problem in the future. While it is recommended to contact our professional technicians to seek a solution, it is also beneficial to be able to recognize common malfunctions.

How do you know what to look for? For starters, it’s important to always ensure that the garage door is secure and won’t cause any future harm. Make sure to check the tracks for any dents or parts that can allow wheels to roll off. It’s also important to make sure there are no obstructions in the path of where the garage door closes.

Help us help you by using these simple checks to have an idea of what went wrong and together we can resolve the issues.

Your Favorite Local Garage Door Repair Company

It is apparent that for most home owners, garage doors are just an everyday routine that is often overlooked. Yet, when they are thought about, it is often too late. Having said, this can lead to garage doors being a very inconvenient and unwanted occurrence. Which is what we want to help you avoid.

The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company is an outstanding team of experts, servicing the entire north metro area of St. Paul and Minneapolis. We use only the best quality garage door products for all of our repairs and installations. We strive to please by always providing excellent service with a price that cannot be beat. We are the ones that our competitors call in to solve the problems that they can’t handle.

Just like our bodies need regular exercise, nutrition, and sleep to perform well, a garage door also needs regular and recurring attention to ensure it is well maintained. This can make sure any imperfections or stress points are identified and repaired before they become an inconvenience to your home or business’s daily functions.

We make twin city homes more beautiful with the highest quality garage doors. We don’t settle with low quality. You can always guarantee that our goal is to put our cities, its business and homeowners, first. We offer the best garage door repair and installation solutions. Whether it is a brand new garage door installation or an expert replacement, The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company is your one stop shop for all your repair needs.

Sometimes, things just break and we understand, it happens! We are here to ensure you that when that time comes, despite the any garage door maintenance plans, that you’re covered. Our experience and customer service in this industry has been beyond exceptional, no one can compare.

If you are unsure of whether your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced, The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Company offers a free consultation and estimate from our qualified specialists. Our trained technicians will gladly work with you to assess your garage door situation and determine whether a basic repair or an installation of a brand new garage door is the best solution for you. Call us today at 612-503-5881!

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