Like any other mechanical structure, your garage door is just as important to service. There are many factors that can cause your garage door to break down. Our experts can thoroughly assist you when it comes to needing a repair.

Broken Springs

Springs are the most important part when it comes to opening and close garage doors. The breaking of a spring is often compared to the sound of a gunshot because of the huge amount of tension that they carry.

Misaligned Tracks

Your garage door needs a track to be able to move up and down. Over time, these tracks can become damaged from continuous use. Once the damage occurs, it will only continue to worsen. This leads to garage doors opening and closing dangerously until the tracks are once again realigned.

Broken Cables

Cables provide support for your garage door to open and close smoothly. A broken cable can often lead to the door slamming down which can lead to damage to the door itself if not repaired.

Noisy or Broken Hinges

Hinges are used to connect the panels of a garage door. As the door raises, the hinges hold the panels together while it moves up and goes around the bend in the tracks. Hinges can get rusty over time, as they are made up of metal. This can lead to breaking. Often times, you will notice they need repairing by the noise they make.

Rusty Rollers

Lack of lubrication can lead to the rollers becoming rusty. Once this happens, they must be replaced. Living in coastal areas where there’s salt in the air can deteriorate your rollers, as well as any metal parts of your garage door more quickly.

Faulty Openers

Often times, the transmitter and receiver and become desynchronized either in the opener or your remote.

Misaligned Sensors

If you notice your garage door close completely, yet there is nothing under it, more than likely it is because your safety sensors need to be realigned.

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