Garage Door Repair Coon Rapids

Broken springs or misaligned sensors, it doesn’t matter… we can fix ‘em all. Springs are vital to opening and closing garage doors, they handle the heavy lifting. While that may be the most noticeable working part of a garage, the others shouldn’t get overlooked. Hinges, cables, and all of the in between are important to keep maintained. If one of these parts break, it can put a lot of stress on other parts to work properly and you want to avoid this as much as possible. In the long run, it can cause much more severe damage.

Garage Door Opener Service Coon Rapids

Whether you are looking to replace, repair or install, we can handle any type of opener or remote. We offer a multitude of brands, such as Genie and Hormann. Feel confident in getting your garage door opener repaired with us, as our expert has been addressing issues for over 5 years. Dead batteries or having to reset sensitivities, we’ve seen it all.

Garage Door Installation Coon Rapids

It’s inevitable, there comes a time when your garage door is just plain beyond repair. Getting a new garage door installed doesn’t have to be a hassle. We make the process stress-free and easy. Browse our variety of options from wood to steel doors and we will take your worries away from there!

Commercial Garage Door Repair Coon Rapids

In order for a business to remain successful, the moving parts must also remain operating smoothly. It can be detrimental to business if the garage door is in need of a repair and business has to be temporarily closed. We understand how much of an inconvenience that can be and this is why our same day service is perfect to not waste any precious time. Regardless of the problem, we can repair them all!

Commercial Garage Door Installation Coon Rapids

No matter the need, if it is a brand new door installation or replacement that you are looking for, our team of professionals have got you covered. Commercial buildings can be a bit tricky, due to the high ceilings. However, that’s not a problem with our professional equipment. We can install any garage door for any height.

Our trained professionals are available any day for your garage door needs. Take advantage of our FREE onsite estimates and same day service. With over 5 years experience in working with a multitude of garage door sizes, styles, properties and setups, we take pride in offering the best, affordable and friendly services.

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